Category: ProfiShop
Version: 3.1.5
Reference Nr.: prfs31
Group: Joomla 3.x
Price: 65.00 € (VAT tax may apply)


  • Add multiple products into a cart and checkout in 2 steps
  • Customers don’t need to register first to complete the purchase. System creates accounts automatically
  • You can overwrite all the html views with your custom html without modifying the source code
  • Multilingual, only 2 text files to be translated
  • Prices VAT or without VAT
  • Built-in European VAT numbers verification (EU VEIS compatible)
  • Manage discounts and coupons
  • Revenue tracking for accounting books
  • Export orders into CSV
  • Modify orders from the back-end
  • PayPal payments supported. Other payments can be easily integrated as well by developing plugins.
  • MVC source code
  • Supports electronic goods for download
  • Tracks change logs, latest version of the products
  • Captcha antispam filter to avoid fake orders
  • Can read Joomla rating from JED
  • Compatible with coming Joomla 3.2 version.