Career Extension

Category: Career component for Joomla 1.5
Version: 1.5.0 rev2
Reference Nr.: 2
Group: Joomla 1.5
Price: 32.00 € (VAT tax may apply)

Do you maintain any corporate website? Do you need to display a JOB and CAREER section that is easy to navigate and looks nice? Then download this J 1.5 native component.

With Career Component you can easily manage a directory of opened positions/jobs and store the job applications from the visitors. This extension is very flexible and allows you to modify the appearance and functionality to your needs.

See Demo here:

Key Features

* Joomla 1.5 native component
* Standard Joomla user friendly layouts
* Very flexible by using configuration files and email templates
* Hassle-free install and uninstall
* Manage Employers as well as Job Seekers
* Enable registration of the job seekers for further head-hunting
* Manage job details and set up publish and un-publish dates
* Unlimited levels of categories
* Assign job to multiple categories
* Assign tags to the jobs to allow cross-category searches
* JComments and JomComments integration
* Edit meta keywords for the jobs
and more…

* SEF enabled component
* Using classic Joomla as well as custom css styles
* Filter the job posting by position names, locations or contract types
* Create menu items linked o specific categories or tags
* All applications are stored into database and are attached to editable emails
* Add any job to the list of favourites
* easy to translate – just two *.ini files for translation
and more…